OIL & GAS Sector

Riyada Oil & Gas Division – Positioned among the Middle East most competitive global energy companies. Headquartered in The Kingdom Of Bahrain and active worldwide, it is engaged in every aspect of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production; refining, marketing and logistics; chemical manufacturing and sales; power generation , plus a specialized department in Construction Equipment ,Materials and technology.

Through our global strategic alliances and partnership we represent more than 20 major manufacturers in energy and petrochemicals, Riyada Oil & Gas Division is still keen to increase the number of added value partners in these sectors.

The Drilling and Formation Evaluation segment is primarily involved in drilling and evaluating the formations related to borehole construction and initial oil and gas formation evaluation. The products and services in this segment incorporate integrated technologies, which offer synergies related to drilling activities and data gathering.

OILTECH Specialized Oil Recovery Division

Our divisions main recovery system uses powder pressure generators and special chemical compositions as an integral part of its technology to treat near bottom formation zones (NBFZ) which have low permeability including wells complicated with salt, and paraffin.

The processing technique is based on creating a series of cracks in the NBFZ with the help of small sized powder pressure generators mixed with highly specialized chemical components comprised of mostly acids, surface active substances, and solvents.  The advantages of this technique are mostly evident when treating interlayer and formation intervals when traditional methods are not economically feasible. This technique is compatible with operations aimed at regulating injective profiles in injection wells, insulation of water influx in producing wells and additional perforation with small sized perforators.  These operations can be executed using standard production equipment.  The results are dramatic.

A couple of examples are one well was not producing and when we introduced our technique of hydraulic washout the daily production rate increased to 200 cubic meters per day.

Another well went from 300 cubic meters to 987 per day using our hexane, clay and acid treatment. We also specialize in oil well rehabilitation using some the same techniques described above with a remarkable high return in production and profitability.


Riyada Drilling Company – Drilling Division of GAZPROM

Riyada Group is the exclusive partner of Gazprom in the Middle East and Northern Africa region regarding  drilling and oil production.

Our drilling division employs practically the whole spectrum of  technologies used for oil and gas well drilling in all types of climates and geological conditions.  The drilling division performs the construction of vertical, horizontal and slant directional wells through the use of rotary, turbine-rotary and turbine motor drilling.

Our specialists have a vast experience drilling wells under high formation pressure, reaching depths of more than 8,000 meters.  We are very experienced when it comes to planning and prospecting for new oil and gas exploration having pioneered new oil and gas fields in the regions of Middle East, Russia and Central Asia under the harshest conditions.

Our state of the art process control and well logging stations provide our division with the geological and geophysical information critical for the successful completion and production of the wells.  One of our main specialties is in the well work over field.

Our specialized technique and success in the endeavor relies heavily on the use of our in house computerized techniques and technologies design by our specialist to improve our abilities and to ensure safety, reliability and cost savings.

Our activities in the field of work over jobs is repair and renewal of wells, changing of the well design, water cut-off and sand shows prevention in the critical zone and special attention in the area of blow-out prevention.

It is important to emphasize that the Riyada Drilling Division has some of the most stringent regulations when it comes ecological concerns through its systemization of ecological safe procedures.  The next critical area of importance is the amount of resources committed to new innovations and to develop new methods and technologies to enhance our capabilities to be one of the industries leading innovators in the field of drilling and oil and gas production and exploration having in our infrastructure a few of the worlds top institutes in the field of oil and gas.

Petrochemical products

Riyada ‘s marketing legacy lies in its unrivaled ability to handle any job no matter how challenging. We do the work better, more efficiently and profitable without delay or problems. Give us your toughest job and we will resolve it for you we guarantee this. This is our marketing strategy. Our experience spans every type of geography and every geological challenge facing the industry today. A unique quality of Riyada is that we ask our client for their most difficult problem that they encounter and to our credit we have never faced a challenge that we were unable to resolve. This is our marketing motto and we are very proud of this distinction. The other side to Riyada marketing capability is the span of activities. Through our strategic relationships we are able to offer excellent access to the major markets in Europe, Middle East, The Russian Federation, the CIS countries, China and North/South America on a wide mix of products, equipment and applications to the global oil and gas sector.

Additives and Petrochemical products

This division of Riyada works in the field of oil refining, petrochemicals and the production of additives dating back to 1995.

Our group focuses on the research of hydrocarbon materials and the development and introduction of progressive technologies for reprocessing within the GCC. Second, the selection and implementation of technological equipment and technologies. Third, the development of formulas and technologies for producing additives as per their optimal concentrations in motor and other types of fuel and the dedication of resources to train and qualify selected personnel from other companies to assist in the implementation of the additives and formulas. We produce the following additives:  antiknock additive for motor gasoline, additive for increasing the octane number, depressor additives for diesel fuel, lubricants and oil, anti turbulent additives and anti-wear additives for automotive gasoline and diesel fuel.  Riyada is one of the strongest innovators for new alternative, environmentally friendly, mechanically friendly, non-corrosive diesel and gasoline additives.  With the worldwide ban on MTBE this opens a huge opportunity for this division to become a major replacement supplier of our additives which are currently being used in USA & Europe and have been tested and accepted by all countries that have shown an interest.

Pipe Lines

Riyada together with A.Hak (Netherlands) are one of the major pipeline contractors of oil and gas pipelines in the MENA Region with thousands of kilometers of oil, gas and water pipelines construction experience. Our JSV “Riyada A.Hak” have one of the biggest experiences of any company in the important field of pipeline scraping.  More than 80% of the pipelines built was design and built by our strategic partners in our pipeline construction division of Riyada.  Our experience is far reaching with the designing and constructing of condensate pipelines, methanol pipelines, inter-field and intra-field pipelines, gas and oil gathering pipelines and the following types of gas pipeline; branches, compressor stations and booster compressor stations.

Our main activity involves bringing the gas and oil from the field up to the consumer with underwater and beam crossing of rivers and the special use of pigs to determine the integrity of the pipeline construction and commissioning through all types of geographical and climate challenges from the hottest deserts to the coldest arctic and mountainous regions of the world.  We can offer the highest value and state of the art technologies when it comes to the design and construction of any type of pipeline regardless of the distance to be covered or the diameter of the pipeline we have experienced all that the industry can challenge us with.

Riyada Pipe Supply and Manufacturing Division

Riyada Group is a partner of TMK – leading producer of value-added steel pipes for the oil & gas industry (14% global seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods, 12% of the U.S. OCTG market in 2011).

In partnership with TMK, Riyada currently supply high quality steel electric welded large diameter expanded pipes. The customers of Riyada Pipe Division are some of the largest companies in the world such as Saudi ARAMCO which consumes a great percentage of the current large diameter pipe production. In order to retain our position as a leader in pipe production, Riyada Pipe Division, along with our partners are planning a new line of single seam pipe able to withstand pressure up to 15Mpa. Through our quality inspection at the various checking points and stages Riyada Pipes are of the highest quality as guaranteed and certified with ISO 9001 standard and API 5L certification. The pipes are also treated with a special exterior coating to prevent corrosion and has 20 years experience in the field of polymer coatings as well as the same level of expertise with internal coatings.

Riyada Pipeline Production

Riyada Group is one of the shareholders of Gulf International Pipe Industry (GIPI). Gulf International Pipe Industry (GIPI) was established as a Limited Liability Company in Sultanate of Oman in January 2007. GIPI is the first manufacturer of High Pressure Steel Line Pipes and Casing Pipes in Oman and the first mill in MENA region and sub continent of India to manufacture high pressure 24” Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Steel Pipes. The facility is located in the Sohar Industrial Area, the industrial hub of Oman, on an area of 240,000 sq. meters. GIPI’s annual production capacity exceeds 250,000 metric tons per year. The facility is designed with a state-of-the-art fifth generation technology exceeding the stringent International Standards and specific requirements of the Oil & Gas Companies. Our Product line ranges from – 8” to 24” high grade API Standard Carbon Steel Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes capable of withstanding high pressure usage for Oil & Gas transmission & OCTG needs and other types of high pressure usage with thickness levels up to 25 mm or 1”. – threading (Buttress thread & Round thread) of 5 ½” – 13 ⅜” ranges with couplings and protectors supplied. – internal & External 3 Layer FBE Coating of all pipes up to 48”. – professional in-house Laboratory Services capable of all related tests, meeting international standards such as ISO 9002: 2000, UKAS etc.

Oil & Gas facilities structure

Our experiences in building various types of metal structures for the oil and gas industry dates all the way back to 2002.  We manufacture all types of metallurgical structures of the latest most environmentally friendly technology with all of the international standards, for all types of equipment for the oil and gas industry. We specialize in the use of specialized progressive technologies and unique machinery in order to bring to the market the highest quality, state of the art storage tanks.

The emphasis taken on the design and manufacturing is to ensure against  loss  and potential damage to the environment, but equally as important is our attention given to human safety especially during dispensing and transfer operations of oil, chemicals and gas production and refinement, Petro-chemistry, power engineering and pipelining.

Our unique roll production design allows us to utilize all modes of transportation depending on the urgency of the required construction. Our re-circulating venting system and valves prevent the costly loss of oil and gas products saving on the average of approximately twenty percent of the various products loss in storage operations from other storage tank systems making our storage tanks even more cost effective. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, Riyada fabricates and supplies horizontal and vertical steel tanks for storage of oil, petroleum products, water and other liquids with the capacity ranging from 100 to 100,000 cubic meters.

In the manufacturing of the tanks with capacities up to 100,000 cubic meters we use the industrial method of rolling with off-centered vertical shell and bottom welded joints.  This method increases safety and reliability of the tanks metal structure.  High quality of the welds is achieved by using double sided, semi automatic welding and subsequent radiographic examination of the welds.  Most of the welding is done at a plant thus reducing the amount of welding at the site by approximately 80%.

We currently have a customer base of over 400 companies in 33 countries including Argentina, Italy, England, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Water Technologies

Our JV “Riyada Green Technologies” was established as a leading company providing a full range of wastewater treatment and water purification services as well as equipment manufacturing.

The mission is to design, develop and market quality products and services at affordable prices that make our customers’ lives better when using innovative and environmentally – friendly technologies of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

The water treatment facilities we use are designed and developed by our specialists and based on the biological method: environment friendly, capacity of up to 200,000 m³/day, high purification efficiency, suitable for any area and climate, lightweight and can be easily transported and installed on site by our   professionals, long life operation, easy maintenance, technical assistance.

We offer proven and established technology in order to meet our customers’ needs.

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