Oil & Gas

Riyada Group is involved in Middle East projects to provide all chemical solutions, working in drilling and work-over, EOR projects, supplying drilling equipment, participating in pipeline projects in Middle East, pipe’s manufacturing and also invests in oil refineries all around The World.


Riyada has few A class construction companies working on social housing projects, road and bridge construction, tunneling and trust boring, taking part in the construction of steel structures, high rise office buildings in the Middle East.

Finance and Investment

Riyada Group is in cooperation together with NOMURA Group from Japan, Credit Suisse, CITIGROUP, Arab Banking Corporation and many others as well as joining with Reliance Group, the largest brokerage and distribution house in India, to create Riyada Reliance Money (RRM) Company in Saudi Arabia.


Riyada Group is a principal consultant, consulting Bahrain Government, Leading Financial and Industrial Groups like: Credit Suisse, CITI Group, Nomura, HSBC, ING, Islamic Development Bank, TMK and UBS AG.


One of the most successful projects, Riyada Rawabi, a joint venture with one of the largest telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. Riyada is working for Middle East Leaders in Communication Business such as ZAIN, BATELCO, Etisalat, Thuraya etc.


Riyada has joined with International leading recruiting Company Randstad and India’s Ma Foi, a full spectrum HR services provider for clients worldwide.


Riyada is producing a wide range of new type of drilling tools, drilling and WO/EOR equipment. Same time Riyada Group is manufacturing a lot of construction materials and alternative energy equipment.

New Technologies

One of the region’s most promising projects is Riyada’s partnership with the largest scientific organization in the Netherlands, TNO. Same time Riyada has a strategic partnership relations with leading scientific institutes of GAZPROM, Russia, Korea and China. Riyada has a JV Company Riyada Paton with Ukrainian Academy of Science.

Alternative Energy

Riyada is a Pioneer Group to work in the field of alternative energy, providing solutions with solar, wind, geothermal energy and special energy saving and insulation materials.

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